How to Meet Nirmal Baba Personally and Face to Face [Best Tips]

Nirmal Baba is a motivational speaker and spiritual leader in India. He has a good fan following in some parts of India. His speech televised in some parts of India. His real name is Nirmaljit Singh Narula, who was born in Samana, India. A lot of people want to meet Nirmal Baba to get the solution of their problem and issues. He is also one of the controversial religious leaders in India, due to his advice to the followers.

In this article, we have provided information on how to meet Nirmal Baba personally and face to face. So, let’s read it!

Nirmal Baba
Nirmal Baba

Best Ways to Meet Nirmal Baba Personally and Face to Face

1. Meet During Samagam Program

Nirmal Baba’s programs are known as ‘Samagam’ and widely popular among his fan following in India and abroad. You just need to buy tickets for ‘Samagam’ program and try to meet him before or after the program. To increase your chances of meeting Nirmal Baba, you just need to contact local organizer of the program to get the confirmed appointment of Nirmal Baba.

2. Request An Appointment of Nirmal Baba

It is one of the best ways to approach Nirmal Baba for his appointment. You just need to write a simple letter to him and ask for a small appointment on the matter. Your letter should be straight-forward and attach any necessary documents, if required. Send your letter to the following office address of Nirmal Baba.

211 Chiranjiv Tower 43
Nehru Place,
New Delhi – 110019

We hope that the information and best tips on how to meet Nirmal Baba personally and face to face will be useful to all bhakts and fans around the world.

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Article first published on June 25, 2016.

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