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How to Meet Nana Patekar In Person and Face to Face [Guide]

Nana Patekar is a popular Bollywood and Marathi actor in India. He is widely known Bollywood actor for his super dialogues in movies. Nana Patekar is also trying to solve the problem of farmer suicides in Maharashtra by providing them financial help as well as alternative income source through his foundation NAAM FoundationActually, he is a real life hero who is changing lives of thousands of people in the state of Maharashtra.

A good number of people are always wanted to meet Nana Patekar, thanks to his inspirational journey. In this article, we have provided guide on how to meet Nana Patekar in person and face to face. So, let’s read!

Nana Patekar

Nana Patekar

How to Meet Nana Patekar In Person and Face to Face [Guide]

1. Participate in NAAM Foundation Charity Event

Naam Foundation organizes a good number of charity events and programs to raise the fund for the farmers of the state of Maharashtra. Many times, Nana Patekar himself participates in the event to make more awareness about the issue. So, it is the best way to meet Nana Patekar personally by participating in the event.

2. Request An Appointment Through The Mail

You should also send a request for purpose of meeting him personally and face to face. He is a good man and if your luck is working, then you would get a response. His foundation and personal addresses are given below.

Nana Patekar
NAAM Foundation Office
15&16, Ajay shopping centre
T.H. Katariya Marg,
Matunga (W)
Mumbai 400016


Nana Patekar
Bollywood Actor
304 Sheetal,
Apna Ghar Society,
Samarth Nagar,
Mumbai 400 058

3. Film Shooting Location

Most of movie stars are accessible at the movie shooting location. In this case, Nana Patekar is a good man and always want to meet his fans. So, it is the best way to meet him personally and face to face to get his blessings.

4. Inspire from Your Social Work

Nana Patekar is a very fond of people working in social welfare / services. You should inspire him through your good gestures and social work, he will definitely ask for a meet from his side!

We hope that the information on how to meet Nana Patekar will be useful to all people and fans around the world.

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Article Title: How to Meet Nana Patekar In Person and Face to Face [Guide]
Article last re-published on December 24, 2017.

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