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How to Meet Mukesh Ambani In Person and Face to Face [Guide]

Mukesh Ambani is the richest person in India and one of the richest persons in the world. He is the majority shareholder in the Reliance Industries Limited, one of the largest oil refinery companies in the world. Mukesh Ambani is also the owner of the world’s costliest house, named Antilia. He also owns many other popular brands such as Vimal, Reliance Gas, Reliance Fresh, Reliance Mart, Reliance Digital, and many other.

In this article, we have provided best tips on how to meet Mukesh Ambani, the richest Indian personally.

Mukesh Ambani

Mukesh Ambani

How to Meet Mukesh Ambani In Person and Face to Face [Guide]

1. Request An Appointment

It is the easiest way to meet Mukesh Ambani personally and face to face. However, it is always not an easy task to meet him personally by just writing a letter. You should have solid reason, and good docs (if needed) to convince his staff. If possible, try to include reference letter with your letter to create a solid case. Mukesh Ambani office address is given below.

Mukesh Ambani
Reliance Industries Limited
3rd Floor, Maker Chamber IV,
222, Nariman Point,
Mumbai – 400 021

2. Meet At A Shareholder Meeting

Mukesh Ambani is also accessible at shareholder meeting. However, you should have strong case and influence to meet him personally and face to face otherwise the security would not allow you to meet him face to face. You should try to contact other higher officials in the Reliance Industries Ltd. first and then request them to help you to meet Mukesh Ambani.

3. During Cricket Match

Mukesh Ambani is seen in many cricket matches and hence you would able to meet him personally at the cricket match venue. However, you should also have strong relations in the cricket association to get a seat near to him otherwise it would be difficult to meet him. Please co-operate with the security team of Mukesh Ambani otherwise you would be in big trouble.

We hope that the information on how to meet Mukesh Ambani personally will be useful to all fans worldwide.

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Article Title: How to Meet Mukesh Ambani In Person and Face to Face [Guide]
Article last re-published on December 27, 2017.

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